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Wall Art
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Sailor's Woolwork of a Royal Navy Frigate,
Johann Weinmann Botanical Engraving of Gourds & Melons-Melo viridis striatus et maculosus. Melo pepo croceus, melone. Melo pepo cortice oscure virescente,
Johann Weinmann Botanical Engraving of Melons-Melo reticulatus, Melons, Cantaloupe, plate 722
Johann Weinmann Botanical Engraving of Gourds
Johann Weinmann Botanical Engravings of Exotic Plants (12)
English Stumpwork Flower Painting Mounted as a Table, Circa 1840-50.
English Sailor's Woolwork with Muliple Ships.
Sir Edwin Landseer R.A. Painting titled
Coaching Painting, John Cordrey Painting,
English Ship Painting of a Merchant Navy Clipper Ship, Circa 1870.
British Sailor's Woolwork of Four Ships off The Coast
Sailor's Woolie of Four Ships including an American Ship.
Miniature Sailor's Woolwork of a Paddle-powered Tugboat,
George Edwards Set of Twelve Engravings of Birds.
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