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Large Sailor's Woolwork with Fleet with Fourteen Ships, Circa 1865
British Sailor's Flag of Nations Woolwork, HMS Trafalgar, 91 Guns, Circa 1865.
Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Nankin, circa 1865.
Fine British Sailor's Woolwork of The MaryAnn,
Circa 1870-80
British Sailor's Woolwork of a Ship, Circa 1865-85.
British Sailor's Woolwork of a Bowspirit Thames Barge, Circa 1870.
Sailor's Valentine,  Remember Me, Barbados, Circa 1885.
Sailor's Valentine, Forget Me Not, Barbados, Circa 1885.
Carole Moses Harman Ceramic Dish Painted with Ouananiche Salmon, Dated 6/87 and Signed.
Ralph Cahoon Small Paint-decorated Cabinet, Bob's Chowder & Carol's Jams. Signed and dated 1979.
Sailor's Woolwork Picture of Royal Navy Frigate with Land in Background, Circa 1865.
Large Sailor's Woolwork depicting the Troopship HMS Jumna and Battle Flags of the 82nd Regiment of Foot & the 40th Regiment of Foot. Circa 1881.
Carole Moses Harman Ceramic Dish Painted with Artic Char, Dated, 6/87.
Creamware Pottery Large Sailor's Farewell Bowl, Circa 1800-20.
Sailor's Large Woolwork Woolie of The Royal Navy Ship H.M.S. Crocodile, 
A Euphrates-class Troopship, Circa 1875-90.
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