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Miniature Sailor's Woolwork of a Paddle-powered Tugboat,
Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Neptune Fully Dressed with Sailors on the Yardarms,
Sailor's Woolwork of the Royal Navy Ship HMS Hero.
British Sailor's Trapunto Woolwork of a Royal Navy Frigate,
Sailor's Woolwork of a Merchant Navy Ship.
Sailor's Woolwork of a Schooner-brig.
British Sailor'.s Flag of Nations Woolwork, HMS Trafalgar, 91 Guns
British Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Nankin.
Royal Navy Captain's Sailor's Painted Trunk,
Carole Moses Harman Ceramic Dish Painted with Ouananiche Salmon, Dated 6/87 and Signed.
English Sailor’s Woolwork featuring the HMS Rodney and the HMS Albion,
Inscribed HMS Rodney and Albion Beating out of the Tagus,  Circa 1860.
Carole Moses Harman Ceramic Dish Painted with Artic Char.
Sailor's Woolwork of Royal Navy Frigate Underway Off Coast.
English Creamware Pottery Large Sailor's Farewell Bowl.
Sailor's Large Woolwork Woolie of The Royal Navy Ship H.M.S. Crocodile, 
A Euphrates-class Troopship, Circa 1875-90.
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